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The Guide to Varicose Veins from Problem to Treatment

Varicose veins are purple or dark blue enlarged veins appearing on the skins surface. All veins can become varicose although they usually appear on the feet and legs. Walking and standing increases pressure and causes the veins to malfunction. How Veins Become Problematic The heart pumps blood throughout the body and is then transported through the veins. They re-oxygenate the blood as they carry it back to the heart. When the veins function becomes problematic diseases and varicose veins can result. Causes of Varicose Veins There are numerous causes for varicose veins including pregnanc

A Description Of Comprehensive Internal Medicine And Its Applications

The main medical specialties are internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and ob-gyn. Subspecialties include cardiology, immunology, nephrology and geriatrics. Internal medicine covers all aspects of pathology for the elderly, adults and adolescents. It is not invasive or surgical and treats all genders. It covers all organ diseases as well as diseases of multiple organs. Internal medicine also treats medical complications arising from pregnant women, anesthesia and surgery. Epidemiology And Internal Medicine Internal medicine is based on epidemiology as well as evidence based medicine. The fo