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11 Tips for Eating Healthy Around the Holiday Season

Eating a healthy diet can be tricky for some of us already, but adding tempting holiday foods to the mix can make those efforts even more of a challenge. The holidays are known for the scrumptious, yet high-calorie, treats from cookies and pies to noodles, breads, hams, and much more. While these may be tempting, there are some ways to maintain a healthy diet while still enjoying the season. Since excess weight leads to many chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, it is essential to keep a weight management plan in mind, even with the numerous temptations surrounding the holidays.

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Healthy Eating Strategies

You may feel like eating healthy can be an uphill battle during the holidays, but it doesn’t have to be. Consider some of these weight management tips to help you stay on track with your diet.

  1. Bring a Healthy Dish to a Gathering – If you are going to a gathering, bring your own healthy dish to ensure that there’s something you can partake in. This could be a salad you enjoy, a broth-based soup, vegetable, or lower calorie dish.
  2. Eat the healthiest dishes available first – By doing so, you might be too full to over-indulge with the heavier foods.
  3. Stand farther away from snacking foods – So it’s not tempting to grab some while chatting with others.
  4. Eat a little prior to attending a get together – If you’re extremely hungry by the time the meal is served, it will be even more tempting to over-indulge and eat less healthy foods to satiate your hunger. By eating a little before going, you will be able to better control the urges to eat unhealthy foods more easily.
  5. Keep a food journal with your weight – Maintaining a food diary allows you to track your goals during this riskier time. Research suggests that women who step on the scale and act accordingly are 82 percent less likely to regain weight they’ve lost than those who don’t weigh in.
  6. Eat breakfast daily – Select healthier breakfast options such as oatmeal, eggs, fruit or yogurt.
  7. Stock up on healthy foods in your pantry. By eliminating junk foods around the house, there is less opportunity to snack on high calorie foods with lower nutritional value.
  8. Use smaller plates – Consider using a salad or dessert plate for the main course. What appears to be a normal portion on a 12-inch plate can be substantially more than needed so using smaller dishware helps with portion control. This also goes for drinks. Choose tall, skinny glasses rather than the wider kind.
  9. Slow down – Another great way to limit the amount of food you eat is by slowing down your eating pace. This will make you feel fuller faster without taking in all the extra calories you would if you had eaten at a faster pace.
  10. Make time for some type of exercise – Whether you enjoy yoga, biking, walking, or swimming, set aside some extra time to do these activities on days where you know you might be eating more or eating foods higher in calories. If you don’t have time to do a longer workout, try to squeeze in a 15 minute walk throughout the day. That will be just as a effective as one continuous workout.
  11. Choose your indulgences – While it is very important to stay on track with your dietary plan, you can still indulge from time to time without falling off the wagon. For example, if you know you really enjoy gingerbread cookies, skip a snack so you aren’t adding too many additional calories to your diet by partaking in a gingerbread cookie. Remember, “cheat days” don’t mean completely forgetting your dietary restrictions.

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