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4 Ways A Podiatry Doctor Improves Senior Health Care

We have all experienced that time when something happened to your foot. Whether it was itchy or hurt, you couldn’t (or didn’t) want to use it. So, you sat around that day and binge watched a show or read to take your mind off your aching feet. That next day, you start your day hoping that your feet feel better because you have a lot to do, but you limp around and sit down anytime you can.

Our feet are the root to vitality through mobility. Without mobility, your quality of life decreases. Seeing a podiatry doctor regularly can help your feet and ankles. A certified podiatry doctor also can take a biometric assessment to see if your gait is affecting your hips.

Podiatry doctor Fort Lauderdale, FL

The American Diabetes Association recommends getting a foot exam at least once a year by a podiatry specialist. There are many ways a podiatrist can help you. Here are four ways a podiatry doctor can improve your quality of life.

Resolve Skin and Nail Problems

Dry feet, cracking heels, and stubborn athletes’ foot can be aided with creams and salves. Sometimes they are not enough, and a good podiatry doctor can prescribe medications to clear up these ongoing issues. Nail problems, such as thickened or deformed nails that are difficult to cut, can cause you pain. A podiatrist can find the exact cause of thick nails, and decide the treatment you need. Both of these problems can cause irritation and pain making it difficult to walk.

Provide Foot Care Solutions for Individuals with Poor Flexibility or Vision

If you have poor flexibility, you may not be able to reach your feet to apply needed lotions. In some cases, people don’t have anyone to ask. But those who do, might not like asking them to apply lotion to their feet. Podiatry doctors can provide applicators to extend your reach, and help apply the lotions or balms you need.

Poor vision can also negatively impact your feet in several different ways. Vision problems can make finding lotion or medications difficult and might cause you to take the wrong medication, the wrong dosage or apply something other than lotion to your feet. A bigger danger due to poor vision is when you can’t see where you are walking or what you are stepping on. This may lead to serious injuries. Asking for help is a must for this situation.

Identify and Address Foot Problems with Orthotics

A podiatrist can make you feel like you are walking on air, with prescription orthotics. Not only can they make your day worth waking up for but give you longevity.

Provide Chronic Disease Care for Foot Problems Related to Arthritis or Diabetes

Arthritis and diabetes often go hand -in-hand, whether you are suffering from one or have both. If you have diabetes your risk of contracting arthritis increases by 50%. If you have arthritis your risk of contracting diabetes increases by 20%.

Arthritis causes inflammation of your feet, which make them swell, feel stiff and tender. It may also create warmth in one or more joints of the feet that lasts for a day or more. People with diabetes have a higher risk for serious foot problems. This is caused by:

  • Reduced blood flow to the feet, which make cuts and abrasions slow to heal.
  • Damaged nerves in foot, which reduce the ability to feel the trauma caused by cuts, abrasions and more.

The longer you have diabetes or arthritis or other chronic disease, the more severe the symptoms become. If you have any of these conditions, please find a podiatry doctor near you. They will provide the care you need to get you back on your feet.

Need a Podiatry Doctor? Primary Care Physicians of Florida Has Them on Staff

If you have unusual pain or discomfort in your foot or ankle, contact us at Primary Care Physicians of Florida. We have podiatry doctors on staff who accept Medicare and Medicaid on staff, as well as others who are on the list of Humana healthcare providers.

Some of the other insurances we carry at Primary Care Physicians of Florida are (but not limited to): Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, Freedom Health, Optimum, and Preferred Care Providers. Please contact us for more information about the insurance plans we accept.

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