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A Description Of Comprehensive Internal Medicine And Its Applications

Hollywood Florida Family Internal Medicine PhysiciansThe main medical specialties are internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics and ob-gyn. Subspecialties include cardiology, immunology, nephrology and geriatrics. Internal medicine covers all aspects of pathology for the elderly, adults and adolescents. It is not invasive or surgical and treats all genders. It covers all organ diseases as well as diseases of multiple organs. Internal medicine also treats medical complications arising from pregnant women, anesthesia and surgery.

Epidemiology And Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is based on epidemiology as well as evidence based medicine. The focus is placed on the patient with the bio-psycho-social model. Internal medicine remains current in medical technology without abusing this technology. It uses semiology and therapeutics.

General Internal Medicine

General internal medicine connects its subspecialties. There are numerous branches and the existence of knowledge regarding therapeutic procedures. An internist will not perform digestive endoscopy or cardia catheterism as this these are subspecialties.

General internal medicine is more than the model of superspecialization. Internists are responsible for the reivindication and integralist spirit of internism.

An internist’s goal is to prevent and solve over eighty percent of the medical problems of their patients. They try to understand the angles of the pathologies of their patients and know which treatments and interactions apply to each problem.

They harmonize their treatments and use the best part of each specialty aimed at the vision of their patient. These are not simply unconnected organs but a complex person with a family, mind, body and soul. Any individual with any concerns or questions should seek a consultation with comprehensive internal medicine Hollywood.

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