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Bananas – The Healthy Superfood

A big part of preventing a need for chronic disease care is learning to eat better–avoiding sugary, fat and salt-laden snacks and highly processed foods. This can be difficult if you have cravings for these foods and have developed poor, life-long eating habits. Eating more bananas is one way to begin weaning yourself off of these foods and begin developing good eating habits.

Bananas are delicious, cheap, easy to get, and portable. They don’t require refrigeration, any special preparation to eat, and can be an ingredient in thousands of dishes. But the most important thing about bananas is that they low-fat, low-protein, and are packed with nutrients that improve your health. Consider these health benefits of the banana:

Using bananas as part of a weight loss service, FL

Bananas Moderate Blood Sugar Levels

Most bananas rank low on the glycemic index, meaning that they don’t cause blood sugar levels to spike when they are eaten.

Bananas are a Great Food for Weight Management

Bananas are low in calories–each one has around 100–but rich in dietary fiber and packed with anti-oxidants and other nutrients. Bananas–especially those that are unripe–contain a lot of resistant starch, an indigestible carb that makes you feel full. Another benefit of using them for weight management is that they seem to reduce instances of muscle-related cramps after exercise.

Bananas are Important for Heart Health

Probably one of the best-known health facts about bananas is that they are packed with potassium which is critical for heart health and controlling blood pressure. They also contain a good amount of magnesium, another important nutrient for a healthy heart.

Bananas are Good for Digestion

As stated above, bananas contain a good amount of dietary fiber divided into two major types, pectin and resistant starch. Resistant starch slides through the stomach into the large intestine where it feeds the beneficial gut bacteria that lives there. Some medical studies suggest that this gut bacteria may protect you against colon cancer.

So, start improving your overall health with this one little diet change. Add bananas to your diet and create a healthier you.

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