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5 Benefits of Getting Varicose Veins Treatment Now

In the United States, 20-25 million Americans suffer from varicose veins. But what are varicose veins? They are gnarled, enlarged veins. Any vein may become varicose, but the veins most commonly affected are those in your legs and feet. That’s because standing and walking upright increases the pressure in the veins of your lower body. Here are 5 of the most common benefits to getting your varicose veins treated by Primary Care Physicians of Florida.

1. Less Pain

If your varicose veins cause you discomfort, getting them treated can eliminate this pain.  Relieving this pain can give you renewed vitality and a new outlook on life.

2. Better Night Sleep-

If you wake up at night because of the pain in your legs and it compels you to move your legs or shake them to reduce the pain, you may be suffering from restless leg syndrome. Some studies suggest that restless leg syndrome is caused by varicose veins, so having your leg veins treated could help you sleep better at night.

Varicose Veins Treatment Margate, FL

 3. Increased Mobility

Often, varicose veins cause swelling that interferes with normal movement, so many people who would otherwise be active become less mobile. Being active often prevents further instances of varicose veins because of increased blood flow and maintaining a healthy weight reduces pressure on these vulnerable veins. You can get back to doing the things you love.

4. Confidence

Varicose veins can be a great cosmetic embarrassment as they grow larger and more visible. With those enlarged veins gone, you can finally wear that dress or shorts you always love. Your smooth legs will allow you to enjoy sports or go out on the town with confidence once again.

5. Time saving

Between the pain slowing you down, making decisions about your wardrobe, and putting on cosmetics to cover them up, varicose veins take a lot of time. Time you would otherwise use doing something you love or enjoy. Looking and feeling better will have you breezing through your day.

Signs of Varicose Veins That May Need Treatment:

Varicose veins may not cause pain. But, if they do cause you pain, make an appointment with your Primary Care Physician.  Symptoms are:

  • Burning, throbbing, muscle cramping and swelling in your lower legs
  • Worsened pain after sitting or standing for a long time
  • Itching around one or more of the varicose veins
  • Bleeding from the varicose veins
  • A painful cord in the vein with red discoloration of the skin
  • Color changes, hardening of the vein, inflammation of the skin.

Get Varicose Veins Treatment at Primary Care Physicians of Florida

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