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Comprehensive Eye Exam: What to Expect

Comprehensive eye exam

Comprehensive Eye Exam: What to Expect

A comprehensive eye exam is a quick and painless session of tests and questions performed by an optometrist. Most eye doctors recommend having an eye exam every 2 years, but it can be more often if you’ve had eye issues in the past.

Before your Eye Exam

When you make your eye exam appointment, be sure to mention if you are having any vision or eye problems. Write down any questions you wish to ask the eye doctor while in the office.

Bring your eyeglasses and contacts, if you wear them. If you are to have your pupils dilated, carry a pair of sunglasses with you as well. Dilated pupils are quite sensitive to bright sunlight.

During your Eye Exam

 The comprehensive eye exam will begin with a series of questions about your medical and vision history. You may also be asked about medications you are currently taking as well as your family history of vision problems.

The optometrist will perform a series of tests on your eyes to check their external and internal condition, as well as your vision. He will likely shine a light into each pupil, noting how your eye reacts to the brightness.

A visual acuity test will also be done at your comprehensive eye exam. This is where you stand a short distance from a poster with letters that get smaller as you read downward. This helps determine your eyesight and whether or not you need corrective lenses.

Refraction testing is another common eye care service done during an eye exam. This is the large machine you look through while the optometrist flips the lens back and forth several times, asking which one is clearer for you.

After your Eye Exam

If it is determined you need corrective lenses, you will likely speak to a nurse or doctor following your eye exam. They will introduce you to eyeglasses or contacts, or give you a new pair based on your prescription.

Those that do not need corrective lenses following a comprehensive eye exam simply follow up for a new exam in 2 years.

Finding Eye Care Services in Hollywood, Florida

We offer eye exams and other services at our Taft Street location in Hollywood. Both an optometrist and ophthalmologist are in our office to assist you with any eye care services you need.

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