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Do I Have a Food Allergy?

Getting older is strange sometimes. Not only do we get new aches and pains, need stronger prescriptions for our eyeglasses, but sometimes we also develop allergies to foods we enjoy.

But how can you tell if it is a food allergy and not something else such as a cold or indigestion? Food allergies in seniors rarely result in anything as dramatic as a bout of anaphylaxis. Here are some of the symptoms:

Skin Rashes or Hives

These normally occur almost immediately after ingesting a food that you are allergic to. If there is no other logical reason for a skin rash or hives, food may indeed be the culprit.

Treatment for allergies in foods


When you eat food that you are allergic to it creates inflammation due to the immune response to it. The fatigue is from the body working harder to eliminate the food and heal from the immune response.

Sneezing, Tearing Up, Irritated or Runny Nose

One of the body’s methods of attacking an allergen is to try to flush it out of the system with tearing, sneezing and getting your nose running.

Finding Out if You Have a Food Allergy

These are just a few of the more minor symptoms of food allergies, which can often be mistaken for a host of other things such as a cold, indigestion, not getting enough sleep, etc. The best way to find out if you are allergic to foods is to have an allergen prick-puncture skin test to identify these possible food allergies. This test is the first step of getting treatment for your allergies.

Ready to Get Treatment for Allergies?

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