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Food Allergies in Seniors – Why They Happen

Food allergies occur in seniors far more often than anyone would believe. Studies indicate anywhere between 5 and 10% of adults 65 and over, but this number is believed to be underreported.

Basically, a food allergy occurs when you eat a food that you are sensitive to and it fails to digest properly. When the undigested bits are thrust into your circulatory system. Your immune system reacts, rushing antibodies to the scene to repel the intruders–an immune response–but it doesn’t end there. Your body prepares the immune system for the next “attack” with extra antibodies which creates an allergic reaction.

Why do seniors encounter this issue?

Decreased Stomach Acid Production

As you age, your body produces less stomach acid. This results in difficulty in digesting proteins as well allowing them to enter the bloodstream before they have been processed correctly, which activates an immune response.

Allergy testing and treatment


Failing to get adequate nutrition is another trigger for food allergies. The lack of these three nutrients may trigger allergic reactions to some foods: vitamin D, zinc and iron. Iron deficiency is often closely associated with immune system problems such as decreasing antibody responses. Zinc prevents the immune system from overreacting to a threat and moderates the immune response so it doesn’t worsen an allergic reaction or intolerance. Vitamin D has been shown to decrease the risk of infection within an immune response and also helps balance immune system response.
The levels of these nutrients in your blood can be detected with a simple blood test.

Excess Alcohol Consumption

Consuming too much of alcohol is bad for you for a lot of reasons, but it also can make the immune system more aggressive, turning it against the body itself, which might trigger a food allergy.

Allergy Testing and Treatment

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