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How To Cope Up With Allergy During The Warmer Season?

Treatment for Woman Sneezing - Allergies in Miami

Allergies is a most common disease in the U.S. during the spring and summer season. It is found that as many as 30 percent of elders and 40 percent of children are troubled with allergies mostly from the pollen grains of flowers and plants. People who have allergies would have foreign elements like pollen on their skin. Its symptoms include itchy eyes, watery eyes, itchy nose, runny nose, headache, sore throat and chronic cough. When allergy sufferers go outside, they normally would experience intense symptoms, especially if they have asthma.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Try to avoid exposure to the outside as much as you can. Allergy sufferers who exercise outside or participate in activities can reduce or stop to avoid exposure. You can also choose a convenient time when there is fewer pollen counts or after the rain washes it away.

One of the main issues that plagues allergy sufferers is the pollen going inside of their houses and other areas. Windows of cars and houses should be kept closed to avoid the pollen from transmitting inside the house or the vehicle. Be sure to change your clothes before resting inside if you have allergies. If the pets are returned from outside remove and wash their coats to avoid pollen entering inside.

Diagnosis and Treatment

The first step is to find what is causing the allergy by a skin test with the help of an allergist or by a new blood test. Then, start the medication for the symptoms. Usually antihistamines and over-the-counter decongestants per day would relieve many. People who have a stuffy nose can take over-the-counter nasal spray additionally and eye drops work for watery, itchy eyes.

Treatment for Allergies in Miami

People who have specific questions or specialized care can consult with Primary Care Physicians of Hollywood for treatment for allergies in Miami to ensure the best care from the highly qualified physicians. The physicians and staff are highly experienced to handle various complex situations and make sure complete

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