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Up to One-Third of Dementia Cases Can Be Prevented with Lifestyle Changes

All over the world, there are currently around 47 million people living with dementia, and that number is expected to triple by the year 2050. A new study, conducted by the first Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention and Care brought together dementia experts from all over the world to review existing research and make recommendations to treat and prevent the condition.

What they discovered was that many simple lifestyle changes, throughout your life, can reduce the risk of developing dementia. Here are some of the factors:

Get Educated

Studies show that individuals who stayed in school past the age of 15 significantly reduced the risk of dementia. Continuing an active learning lifestyle can also help, such as taking continuing education classes, learning a new language or even just doing daily crossword or sudoku puzzles can help your brain fight off dementia.

Get Healthy

Keeping yourself healthy by doing things such as managing high blood pressure, getting regular physical exercise, avoiding (or stopping) smoking, and maintaining a healthy body weight will not only improve the quality of your health overall, but reduce your risk of dementia.

Get Connected

According to the study, one of the surprising discoveries was that one of the major contributors to dementia was hearing loss. This makes sense when you consider some of the other closely-related contributing factors such as untreated depression and loneliness.  Untreated hearing loss can easily cause you to miss out on social interactions which might lead to both depression and loneliness.

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