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Tips to Keep Your Children’s Oral Hygiene Tip-Top This Summer

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With the season coming, it is natural for families to start making plans for recreation. However, with all that planning, vacations, weekend getaways, it is natural for diet and oral hygiene to take the backseat. Many times, emergency dental situations can arise as well, especially when children are involved. The teeth of children are very fragile and need proper care and hygiene routine to grow stronger and without any dental issues. Here are the few tips that can help –

Don’t Miss Out on Oral Hygiene

The first and foremost thing to do is to brush twice every day and floss at least once a day. Irrespective of whether it is summer or not, this is an oral habit you should not let go all your life. Whether you are on vacation or a camp retreat, remind your children they need to brush not only in the morning, but at night as well.

Also, it is a good idea to replace any old toothbrush that has got softer with time, and are “germy” to say the least. Replacing the old ones and getting new ones would add a sense of newness in the overall oral hygiene routine for children. Buying and stocking a few Colgate Wisp brushes this summer is an excellent idea as they are known to be efficient as well as convenient. It is disposable, so it only makes sense to have them when making travel plans.

Go for Checkups

Make sure to have an appointment with a dentist and go to our Hollywood dental care for your children’s oral check-up right after the school holiday begins. It would also ensure that early symptoms of oral problems are taken care of.

Develop Good Food Habits

Make sure you stock up healthy snacks and food in your kitchen, which would not result in an oral problem for your kids and family, in general. It would also help your children in developing healthy food habits. Keep the consumptions of candies and chocolates well moderated.

Stay Prepared for Dental Emergencies

During summer, chances of children getting injured and having dental emergencies are high. Stay prepared with ointment and a first-aid kit to ensure you are well-prepared, and keep pain killers ready. The contact details of the nearest hospital and your dentist must be kept available as well.

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