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Do you find it difficult to control your bladder? Do you look for the nearest bathroom at a shopping mall or movie theater? Is sex with your partner becoming painful or more difficult? Have you recently noticed blood in your urine?

Urology services Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our board-certified doctors can help you understand the causes and the treatments for these types of problems, which are most often found in older men and women.  In fact, you might be surprised by how many of your family members, friends and neighbors are dealing with their own urinary tract disorders.

At Primary Care Physicians of Florida, our urology doctors are part of a close-knit collaborative team that provides personalized care to patients with the following types of conditions:

  • Loss of bladder control, a condition also called incontinence, that can result in uncomfortable or embarrassing situations.
  • Frequent urination, which can cause interrupted sleep due to getting up several times during the night.
  • Growth of the prostate gland, making it difficult for men to empty the bladder fully when they urinate.
  • Vaginal fissures and sores that can make intercourse uncomfortable for women.
  • Erectile dysfunction that makes it difficult for men to have intercourse.
  • A traumatic injury to the urinary and genital area, perhaps at an earlier age, that is now causing a problem.

For some patients, surgery is the best way to tighten or relax the muscles around the bladder and urethra, or to correct other conditions. Fortunately, there are many prescription medications now available to treat these urinary problems. However, it’s important to talk with your doctor about which medicine and dosage would be most appropriate for you. That also avoids the risks associated with self-diagnosis or ordering drugs online from unknown vendors.

By diagnosing and treating these problems, our experienced urinary doctors can help you enjoy a higher quality of life – at any age. So if you might be suffering from some sort of urology-related problem, contact one of our urology doctors at Primary Care Physicians of Florida by calling us at 954-983-9191, or use our easy online contact form to schedule an appointment today.

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