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Warning Signs Of Oral Cancer and Importance of Screening

What Is Oral Cancer?

Unfortunately, oral cancer is becoming more abundant, due to circumstances like HPV16, age, and/or improper maintenance. Your typical oral cancers can affect your mouth or pharynx. A recent study at the Oral Care Foundation indicated that 41,000+ new patients will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year. This type of cancer has a high death rate because it is usually caught in its later stages. Early detection can result in a successful recovery and can be done with a routine 6-month checkup. If you would like a free consultation, you’re encouraged to contact us for Hollywood dental care and more details.

The Warning Signs That You May Have Oral Cancer

– An issue chewing or swallowing
– A problem moving your mouth or tongue
– Numbness
– A red or white patch in your mouth
– Swelling in your jaw
– Your dentures won’t fit
– Pain in your ear
– An unexpected loss of hearing

How Cavities Are Associated With Oral Cancer

Cavities can lead to periodontal disease that can quickly lead to oral cancer. It is very important that you have your teeth checked regularly for tartar and plague. The space between your teeth and gums is very important. A professional dentist can use a visual technique to determine, if you suffer from cavities, and to help and prevent you from getting them in the future.

Oral cancer is screened for at a dentist office. During a dental visit to check for oral cancer you will be asked to stick out your tongue and the mouth will be touched and felt to examine the individual for cancer. A professional will be trained to find suspicious lesions that could be associated with cancer. If you’re interested in learning more, you’re encouraged to contact the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at Hollywood Dental Care.

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