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Weight Management Services

Managing your weight is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Today, millions of Americans are overweight or obese – conditions that can greatly increase your risk for serious medical problems, such as heart disease, and decrease your life expectancy.  If you want to enjoy an active lifestyle as a senior or spend more time with your grandchildren, you should take action to manage your weight today.

Weight loss service Hollywood, FL

On the other hand, many seniors and other adults are underweight due to a variety of reasons, including poor nutrition, gradual loss of taste buds, or an underlying disease or medical treatment such as chemotherapy.

If you have tried to lose weight without success or are wondering about a program to improve your eating habits, our weight management doctors can provide valuable guidance on making decisions that are right for you. Our weight management team will work closely with you on the following types of issues:

  • Checking your Body Mass Index (BMI) to identify your healthy weight range
  • Assessing your current diet and eating habits
  • Identifying safe and effective ways to lose weight
  • Setting realistic weight loss goals
  • Tracking your progress toward your goal
  • Avoiding fad diets that can have harmful side effects
  • Staying away from dangerous dietary supplements
  • Building a personalized weight loss plan
  • Learning about portion control
  • Finding healthful, nutritious foods to help you regain your strength and energy
  • Moving to a more active lifestyle, including a carefully monitored fitness program

Our weight management doctors can help you make sense of the conflicting claims regarding weight loss diets. We can also help you develop a weight loss service plan to change behaviors that lead to overeating, poor nutrition and weight gain. Even a small change in your diet can create big health benefits. Throughout the process, our doctors will be at your side with a personalized patient care plan to help you achieve your personal weight management goal.

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