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Why Choose an Internal Medicine Doctor as Your Primary Care Physician?

Your health should be your primary concern. You may not know what’s going on inside your body. However, an internist would know.

What is an Internist?

An internist specializes in internal medicine. He is a doctor some people go to in place of a primary care physician. Internists diagnose and treat adults only, and they work in many medical fields.

What Does Internal Medicine Focus On?

Internists focus on diseases adults develop. They diagnose and treat disease. They have studied general medicine and have extensive knowledge in a particular field of medicine.

The Doctor’s Doctor

Many professional organizations will call an internist a doctor’s doctor. Internists are recognized by these organizations this way. A doctor may go to an internist for help with diagnosing a patient’s illness when a diagnosis cannot be made.

Why Have an Internist for Your Primary Care Doctor?

Seeing an internist in place of a primary care doctor is beneficial because internists put full focus on preventing, diagnosing, and treating diseases found in adults. His attention is devoted to his adult patients. He will express great interest in your illness.

Since internists are trained in a number of different specialties, you will get exceptionally good care. Your questions will be answered in a way that will give you a better understanding of your present illness, as well as any future illnesses you may develop.

Why See an Internist?

See an internist instead of a primary care physician. The care is much better. If you do, you’ll never want to go to a general practitioner again.

Why Go to PCP Hollywood?

PCP Hollywood offers a large selection of services like vaccinations, general internal medicine in Hollywood, including Cardiology, Optometry, and more. They are proud doctors and educators. If you have any questions, request a consultation.

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