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You’ve Got the Flu – Now What?

Even if you followed all of the advice in our article: Flu is Still Widespread Throughout Florida–Avoid It Through the Following Actions, you still got the flu, what do you do now?

Get flu treatment from an internal medicine specialist

Stay Home

Do not go out in public. Any time you cough, you spray flu-contaminated droplets up to 6 feet away from you. The virus can live on surfaces such as countertops, doorknobs and light switches for up to 48 hours. Get a friend or relative to get you whatever you need to recover, whether it is chicken soup, lemon and honey tea, or Tamiflu. Have a medicine delivery service bring you your prescriptions. If you have a fever, you are still contagious. Stay home for 24 hours after your temperature returns to normal.

Drink Lots of Liquids

Drinking a lot of fluids will help your body flush out the virus. Water, fruit juices and electrolyte drinks such as Gatorade are great. Avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks. Warm beverages such as hot lemon tea with honey or even soup is especially good for flu sufferers.


One of the best things you can do for the flu is to get plenty of rest. So, get into bed and binge some of those shows on your watch list, and if you fall asleep in the middle, no big deal. One of the worst things you can do is to rush your recovery by working, doing household chores, or other exhausting tasks. Listen to your body and if it wants to sleep, give it what it wants.

Use a Vaporizer

Moist air is easier to breathe and can help with coughing and congestion, and vaporizers are inexpensive. So if you don’t already have one, send someone out to get one for you. If you don’t have any way of getting access to a vaporizer, take a hot shower instead. The warm steam from the shower will have the same effect.

See an Internal Medicine Specialist for Flu Fighting Medication

Anti-viral drugs such as oseltamivir (Tamiflu), peramivir (Rapivab), and zanamivir (Relenza) can shorten the time you are sick–as well as how long you are contagious–and reduce the severity of the flu once you already have it. If you need one of these medications, contact Primary Care Physicians of Florida and make a same day doctor appointment with one of our family or internal medicine specialists to get on the road to recovery today. Call us at 1-866-983-9191 or complete our simple online contact form to get started.

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